Provding Professional Aquarium Services to the Minneapolis area since 1983

We are a local family owned and operated aquarium service company serving the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul MN area.  We have been in business professionally since 1983 and have been hobbyists long before.  We have decades of experience in all aspects of the aquarium and pet industry. From worldwide wholesaling, to local retailing and maintenance.

When we meet with clients to discuss maintenance, we custom tailor an aquarium care package to fit their particular needs. There are many different variables when it comes to frequency and intensity of maintenance including: type of aquarium, type of filtration equipment, type of livestock, amount of livestock, Lighting, feeding, and more.  We strive to ensure the health and well being of all livestock, as well as the satisfaction of our clients, at a fair price point. Contact us today for a free no obligation on site consultation!

we believe each and every aquarium is unique and as such, has unique maintenance requirements.

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